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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I receive my assets in my Wallet, if I win?

As soon as you win an asset, you can promptly claim it into your wallet without the need for approval. Just click the "Claim" button, and your asset will be swiftly transferred to your wallet.

How can I get free bid credits?

The simplest way to obtain free BID credits is by having your referrals purchase BID credits, which in turn earns you complimentary Bidding credits. Additionally, when you encounter assets in the BideFi auction marked as "Free," it signifies that you have been allocated free bids to place on those particular assets.

Is there any tips or hints to help me win more auction.?

8. To start, simply watch our How It Works Video ff
Only bid on items that genuinely interest you. * Concentrate on a single auction at any given moment. * Determine the number of bids you're prepared to expend in advance. * Establish a budget and adhere to it consistently.

Where can I see my account details?

You can find your account details, manage your bios and claim your accumulated rewards all from "My Profile" page.

Where do the Digital assets come from?

Everywhere, BideFi is a multi-chain web3 auction portal, our assets comes from various chains such as Ethereum, Binance Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, Zksync, Linea, Base, and more.

What happens when I Win?

You celebrate, simply connect the wallet address you used in placing the bids and winning, then claim your asset into your wallet.

Is there a fee to register on BideFi?

Nope! It’s free to signup on BiDeFi and connect your wallet. However, there is a fraction of transaction fees when you want to lodge your BIDs credit either on paid or free assets.

Is BideFi Legit?

Absolutely! We consistently help user save 90% or more on products they love.

Is BideFi Safe?

We prioritize users safety and satisfaction above all else, ensuring it's our top concern. We've established protective measures to reduce risks, allowing you to bid without any concerns.

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